Welcome to “Rate Your Mate”

“Rate Your Mate” is a peer review system brought to you by Robyn Parker & Scott Coykendall, of Plymouth State University. 

To Instructors: 

The “Rate Your Mate” system is designed to facilitate collaboration by providing student teams with a process for identifying shared goals and expectations and for creating a culture of support and accountability using peer feedback. Grounded in communication and management theory, this system works in traditional and online classes. Click below to:

To Students: 

The “Rate Your Mate” web application let’s you reach agreement with teammates about what you’ll accomplish and how. It enables you to provide feedback to teammates to help them perform. It provides a means to encourage teammates to take action and discourage free riding. It will help you create a team experience that makes you stop hating group projects.

So, let’s get ready to communicate with our teammates to plan, set expectations, and create a solid project we can all be proud of.  Click below to: